Bend in the Bow

Client  The City of Calgary
Location  Calgary | Alberta | Canada

The City of Calgary is planning the creation of a new regional park in the Inglewood area.  This new park will be called Bend in the Bow; the only federally recognized urban sanctuary in Canada and adjacent lands will be integrated into a cohesive, well-functioning landscape unit – a regional park for Calgarians and visitors alike.


O2 is working with the City to prepare a Design Development Plan (DDP) for Phase 1 of the Bend in the Bow lands, focusing on the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Inglewood Wildlands land parcels. Phase 2 will focus on Pearce Estate Park, and connecting the open spaces in between to create a complete natural space. The DDP will explore and address ways to preserve, enhance, and celebrate the natural habitat and ecology, while retaining the historic significance of the Colonel Walker Historic Site. The key objective is to enhance each of these park spaces to create a Bend in the Bow that offers a diverse range of experiences, fulfilling long-term objectives high quality conservation, education, and recreation opportunities. 


Aerial Plan